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I'm a novelist whose passion for storytelling is deeply rooted in my experiences as a lawyer and as a member of the Yazidi community. Born and raised in Sinjar town in Iraq, I was profoundly impacted by the tragic events of August 3, 2014,when my people faced genocide. This harrowing experience inspired me to use my voice and pen to shed light on the plight of my community and to explore themes of resilience, survival, and hope in my writing. In my debut novel, The Gift of the Feast, I delves into the complexities of human nature and the quest for redemption in the face of adversity. Through richly drawn characters and vivid prose, I invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Suzan Khairi - Human rights advocate, novelist.


Hard Work Breeds Success

Amidst the haunting echoes of a genocide that ravaged my homeland of Iraq, I carried the weight of my people's stories, their dreams, and their sorrows across continents. The journey to reach the publishing houses of the USA was fraught with despair and hope, a testament to our resilience. Against all odds, my novel found its voice, capturing the agony and spirit of those who endured unimaginable suffering. When it was finally published, it was not just my success; it was a triumph for every silenced soul. In those pages, our history was immortalized, ensuring that the world would never forget our plight and our perseverance.


What They said About My book ?

" This book was so impressive! It shows the real history about the yazidi women who ‘ve lost their families, friends, innocence, dignity and will to live. It was captivating to read the story of one affected victim who tries to find the will to live back. Just awesome! Worth to read! "


" The book is very great! And also very informative and interesting! Can just be recommended! "

Airport worker

" For a very great book! And also very useful and interesting! Can only be recommended It was interesting to read the story of a damaged victim trying to find the will to live again. "

Youtube content creator